Public Safety and SAFE Banking Act Op-eds:

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    To protect the safety of employees, to bring America’s banking laws into the 21st century, and to once and for all move the regulated cannabis industry out of the shadows, Congress should move swiftly to pass the bipartisan Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act of 2021. It would require federal banking regulators to provide uniform guidelines for cannabis-related business accounts.

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    Lawmakers Can Save Lives by Passing the SAFE Banking Act

    Real Clear Policy – September 14th 2022

    Their bipartisan letter states: “Allowing cannabis businesses operating legally and in compliance with state law to access financial services without federal reprisal would address public safety and compliance challenges, helping communities reduce cash-motivated crimes.”

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    Leap Testifies in Support of the Safe Banking Act 

    Law Enforcement Action Partnership

    The measure wouldn’t legalize cannabis nationally, but it would end the 'cash only' problem and give Maine’s legal pot businesses access to banking and other services.

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    SAFE Banking Will End Pot's 'Cash-Only' Problem

    Real Clear Policy – June 23, 2022

    Like most law enforcement officials in Colorado, I initially opposed legalization of marijuana for recreational use a decade ago. I feared a crime wave, but I was wrong.

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    Each year, hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania patients must receive approval from a physician if they want to legally use cannabis in the state.

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    Marijuana shops across the US are rushing to find alternative ways for customers to pay after networks that supported a popular workaround to the banking system began to shut down last week.

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    Washington must help cannabis money move safely

    New York Daily News – November 19, 2022

    Because federal and state law diverge on cannabis, dispensaries have limited access to the U.S. banking system and the credit and debit card services used by other businesses. This leaves legal dispensaries exposed as cash-heavy targets for violent criminals.

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    Federal catch-up is critical on cannabis

    Star Tribune – September 10, 2022

    Minnesota's recent move to legalize low-THC edibles is further evidence of the swift shift underway toward greater acceptance and use of cannabis in the U.S.

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    NAACP: Senate should vote on cannabis banking reform

    The Hill – January 9th 2022

    At the NAACP, we know that we can’t achieve racial equity without economic equity.

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    OpEd: NY’s Cannabis Industry Should Be SAFE for Workers

    Long Island Press – September 4, 2022

    Those working in cannabis find themselves unable to access capital and other essential financial services, leaving them without key economic support and potentially vulnerable to violent crime. As the legal adult-use cannabis program begins to come online in New York, steps must be taken to ensure that workers in the industry are set up to build a career and succeed.

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    Two weeks ago, the push for Congressional action on cannabis banking reform heated up as members of the National Cannabis Industry Association descended on Congress for four days of lobby meetings. Meetings were held over Zoom, as many Congressional offices maintain pandemic protocols that prohibit in person meetings.

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    Distributing cannabis-selling licenses to meet goals related to equity concerns has merit. But safety should be the public policy priority.